John Summers
Architecture and Engineering

is director over our architecture and engineering department. He is a veteran in computer aided design technology, where he began working as a teen for his father's engineering consulting company in 1988 and has been on the cutting edge of the constantly advancing 3D technology.

John first came to Costa Rica in 1996, married a tica and has resided perminantly since 2000.

Heather Kline
Managing Director and Sales

Heather has been living in Costa Rica as a real estate developer for the past 17 years. Designing and Building multiple projects with builder husband Derek. Heather's unique background in banking and journalism, makes her particularity qualified in communicating with clients while managing the important details that make the organization run smoothly.



Derek Reidy
Construction and Labor

Derek has been in construction since he was a teenager and ran his own construction company in Colorado for over 20 years before moving to Costa Rica in 2003 where he has continued to build high quality homes.

Derek's practical experience and on the job approach to leading his construction crews is vital in assuring we have the most qualified and trained team on every job.

Jeff Steffe
Project Manager

Jeff earned an Agri-Business degree from Illinois State University in 1993 and spent the next 22 years managing multi-million dollar construction projects throughout Chicago.

The diverse scope of his professional experiences make him uniquely qualified to manage projects requiring astute attention to detail, timelines and budgetary concerns.

Jeff moved to Costa Ballena with his wife and son in 2015 where his collaboration with Core Construction began. He's continuously inspired while helping clients achieve their dreams of building a home in the jungle.